Mock Draft Corrections

I’ve been reading a lot of mock’s today in anticipation to tonight’s events. Apparently my guesses are quite opposite as to what is going to really happen.

Supposedly the Kings are for sure going to take DeMarcus Cousins at 5. Which means that Golden State will probably take Monroe at 6.

Apart from that swap, the Pistons are apparently quite high on taking Ed Davis at 7. The Clippers then will probably not take Udoh, and most likely get Aminu since they traded Al Thornton last year and need a SF.

From there, the Jazz will probably take Luke Babbitt, as they have been high on him as a player that can play SG and SF, and a real system guy. Which means that they will probably make a big run at keeping Boozer this summer.

I think the Pacers still take Heyward, he’s a local guy, although they really need a PG, and could very likely trade their pick tonight for a proven PG.

According to sources also, the Hornets are big on Xavier Henry, with the almost certain departure of Chris Paul. Grizzlies then will probably take Patrick Patterson.

Raptors are not looking at Hassan Whiteside anymore, and Houston really would like Cole Aldrich to land there.

So with those changes, I mixed up my mock lottery one last time…

1. Wizards – G John Wall Kentucky

2. 76ers – G Evan Turner Ohio State

3. Nets – F Derrick Favors Georgia Tech

4. T-Wolves – F Wes Johnson Syracuse

5. Kings – C DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky

6. Warriers – F Greg Monroe Georgetown

7. Pistons – F Ed Davis North Carolina

8. Clippers – F Al-Farouq Aminu Wake Forest

9. Jazz – F Luke Babbitt Nevada

10. Pacers – F Gordon Heyward Butler

11. Hornets – G Xavier Henry Kansas

12. Grizzles – F Patrick Patterson Kentucky

13. Raptors – F Paul George Fresno State

14. Rockets – C Cole Aldrich Kansas

Probably once again not going to be accurate with what all will go down tonight, but that looks a lot more likely than my previous statements yesterday.

Enjoy the draft, should be plenty of drama.

And how about John Isner and Nicholas Mahut’s record breaking tennis match that just ended with Isner winning the final set 70-68. Isner is a Bulldog, so congrats to him. But congrats to both of them, that was a match that will never be surpassed.


And Team USA’s drama filled game versus Algeria yesterday with Donavan scoring off a rebound in stoppage time, to bolster the team to win the Group, and will face Ghana in a very winnable match on Saturday.


-Enjoy the weekend, plenty of good things to watch.



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