1st Round Mock Draft

With the NBA finals over, and the Lakers once again holding up a championship trophy, the attention of the NBA has now shifted to the new talent pool and this years draft.

One of the weaker drafts in recent memory, maybe only about five guys that are going to be all-star caliber players, there is a steep dropoff from the first I’d say 8 picks, and the rest of the prospects.

Most of what I’ve read have teams draft boards much different from each other. Some teams have certain players in their top 20, while on another team they might not crack the top 50.

My mock draft is going to be based on needs, and what I’ve read from teams plans, player evaluations, and needs.

This is surely going to be much different than what actually pans out tomorrow night because of trades and teams swapping and buying picks. I’d say I probably get about 6 of these 30 picks right, but hey thats life.

I’m only doing the first round….

1. Wizards – John Wall G Kentucky

2. 76ers – Evan Turner G Ohio State

3. Nets – Derrick Favors F Georgia Tech

4. T-Wolves – Wes Johnson F Syracuse

5. Kings – Greg Monroe F Georgetown

6. Warriors – DeMarcus Cousins C Kentucky

7. Pistons – Al-Farouq Aminu F Wake Forest

8. Clippers – Ekpe Udoh F Baylor

9. Jazz – Ed Davis F North Carolina

10. Pacers – Gordon Heyward F Butler

11. Hornets – Patrick Patterson F Kentucky

12. Grizzlies – Paul George F Fresno State

13. Raptors – Hassan Whiteside C Marshall

14. Rockets – Cole Aldrich C Kansas

15. Bucks – Luke Babbitt F Nevada

16. T-Wolves – Xavier Henry G Kansas

17. Bulls – Larry Sanders F VCU

18. Thunder – Avery Bradley G Texas

19. Celtics – Eric Bledsoe G Kentucky

20. Spurs – Solomon Alabi C Florida State

21. Thunder – Daniel Orton C Kentucky

22. Blazers – Kevin Saraphin F France

23. T-Wolves –  Damion James F Texas

24. Hawks – Lance Stephensen G Cincinnati

25. Grizzlies –  Jordan Crawford G Xavier

26. Thunder – Quincy Pondexter F Washington

27. Nets – Dominique Jones G South Florida

28. Grizzlies – Elliot Williams G Memphis

29. Magic – Terrico White G Mississippi

30. Wizards – Craig Brackins F Iowa State

Probably not a lot of players you may have heard of before. A lot of older players in this years draft, mostly after all the one-and-dones. Some of these guys will have good pro careers, but a lot of teams, mostly playoff teams, are going to try to get rid of some of these picks to try to save some money for veteran free agents, in which we could see the entire landscape of the NBA be changed with just a few players switching teams.

Boston is getting older and their window is closing. Lakers still have a couple more years but need some bench. The Cavs don’t even have a pick after the trades they made and are trying to buy into the draft. There may be teams such as the Suns, Mavericks, Nuggets, Heat, Chicago that may try to move up in the draft, possibly getting picks from the Thunder, T-Wolves, or Grizzles, who all have multiple first round picks.

All this being said, 60 young men will have the chance of their lifetime tomorrow night. What they do with it, we can only wait and see. There is some serious talent at the top of this group, but towards the middle of the first round it drops off tremendously. Who will be the steal of this years draft? Which 4 year player will get the opportunity to play big minutes and perform? Which teams will screw themselves by taking a headcase? This is the beauty of the draft, you can scout all you want, but there is no exact science, you can never know how a 20 year old is going to react to a professional basketball career. Should be an interesting night, with many moves as teams prepare for the future.

Coverage starts at  7 on ESPN.




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